Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Cerekapery created for us a CV risk calculator that was/is very popular amongst GP’s & specialists here in Belgium.

They also helped us producing it and were the contact with the firm in China which produces the calculators.

As a little comment I would like to add our personal experience here in Belgium with the risk calculator.
Almost every doctor was very positive about the tool !
I was surprised to see that the main reason for their enthusiasm was not the fact that the calculator was able to determine the exact CV risk but more the fact that the calculator was conceived with the purpose of easily showing the patient how his risk assessment was calculated and how he can lower his own CV risk (for example if his blood pressure lowers from 153 to 130 his CV risks is divided by 2…)
Therefore it is easier for the doctor to motivate his patients to be more compliant or to take an additional treatment…

Could you forward this message to all persons who might be interested on corporate level and to all local PM’s who might be interested in having such a calculator in their country….

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me,
Kind regards,

Product Manager

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David Orbach said...

I love this ! Do you have also a LOVE risk calculator ? I need one.